Reformer 86” Aluminum

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The Reformer 86" Aluminum has the same measures and configurations as the Classic Wooden Reformer, with the exception of the structure's raw material, which is entirely made of Aluminum.

Considered the main apparatus of the Pilates method, in addition to the Mat was the apparatus in which Joseph Pilates created a defined order of exercises.

In it we can carry out an extensive list of exercises, with different levels of difficulties.


  • 4 Springs of equal intensity;
  • 02 Natural Leather Straps;
  • 02 Stoppers;
  • 01 Stick;
  • 01 Reformer Box;
  • 02 Pads;
  • 02 Leather Handles;
  • 02 Safety Handles.
  • 02 Extending Handles (Feet).