Wall Unit
Wall Unit
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Wall Unit

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The Wall Unit is one of the devices with the greatest variety of exercises, as it works together with the MAT, which is already included.

Its similarity to the Cadillac is due to the fact that it allows almost all exercises performed on this device to be performed, except those that use the trapezius and the horizontal bars.

Technical Data

  • The Wall Unit is the compact solution for studios and gyms, providing a good part of the Cadillac's functions in a very small space.
  • Made of certified solid wood;
  • Structure in polished and certified 304 stainless steel (2.0mm/0.08" thick);
  • Carbon steel and nickel plated springs.


Running low on space in your Pilates Studio? No problems! The Contemporary Wall Unit is a compact device, designed to be fixed to the wall. It allows great variation for fixing the springs, which provides an extensive range of exercises.

Contemporary Line

24 Months in the structural part of the Equipment (Wood and Stainless Steel).

06 Months on springs, plastic parts, ropes, handles, locks, carabiners and blocks.

03 Months in upholstery, foams, rubbers and courvin.


Wall Unit

Height: 2,16m/85"

Width: 0.70m/27.5"

Wall Distance: 0.56m/22.04"


Height: 0,20m/7,8"

Length: 1.80m/70.8"

Width: 0.60m/23.6"

Materials Included

01 pair of hand straps

01 pair of foot straps

08 springs

01 safety handle

01 mat (base for exercises)

01 mobile trapeze with 02 rings