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Cadillac Aluminum has the same measurements and configurations as the Classic Wooden Cadillac, with the exception of the structure's raw material, which is entirely made of Aluminum.

The Cadillac Prototype was developed through a hospital bed where Joseph hung springs on it side bars to care for his bedridden colleagues.

The Cadillac has an impressive repertoire, ranging from suspensions to very specific method exercises.

  • 02 Leg Springs;
  • 02 Arm Springs;
  • 02 Trapeze Springs;
  • 02 Roll Down Springs;
  • 03 Push Thru Springs;
  • 01 Pair of Fuzzy Handles;
  • 01 Wooden Roll Down Bar;
  • 01 Safety Handle;
  • 03 Chains;
  • 01 Upholstered Trapeze;
  • 01 Trapeze Handle;
  • 01 Feet Extender Handle;
  • 01 Pair of Hand Strap;
  • 01 Pair of Foot Strap;
  • 01 Kuna Board.

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