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The new Cadillac is built with a chassis 17cm/6.69" wide by 32mm/1.26" thick, Mounting and Gluing system with Respiga, which makes the equipment much more robust, durable and stable .

The Cadillac Prototype was developed through a hospital bed where Joseph hung springs on his side bars to treat his bedridden colleagues.

It has an impressive repertoire, ranging from suspensions to very specific method exercises.

Technical Data

  • Easy Click System on the Side Slider and on the Tower Bar;
  • Upholstered in high density foam and waterproof courvin with anti-fungus treatment;
  • Made of certified solid wood;
  • Polished and certified 304 stainless steel structure (2.0mm/0.08" thick);
  • Towers Fixation System with 4 points, allows greater stability in aerial exercises (does not swing);
  • Carbon steel and nickel plated springs.


You don't have to be intimidated by its size. The Contemporary Cadillac is one of the most versatile pilates equipment, allowing the practice of more than 200 exercises. It is extremely comfortable and allows you to work with any variable that students may want or need.

Contemporary Line

24 Months in the structural part of the Equipment (Wood and Stainless Steel).

06 Months on springs, plastic parts, ropes, handles, locks, carabiners and blocks.

03 Months in upholstery, foams, rubbers and courvin.



Length: 2.10m/82.6"

Width: 0.75m/29.5"

Stainless steel structure: 2.15m/84.6"

Bed height: 0,60m/23.6"

Weight: 75kg/165.3lbs


Materials Included

01 pair of hand straps

01 pair of foot straps

01 trapeze handle

01 abdominal strap

01 pair of fuzzy handles

02 security handles

01 Roll Down bar

01 Upholstered Trapeze

02 stainless steel sliding bar

10 springs

08 handles