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The new Ladder Barrel was designed to be the most robust on the market.

Its sides are made of solid wood panel 30mm/1.18" thick, and its ladder is no doubt the most robust with incredible 45mm/1.77" thick solid wood.

Its fixation is with stainless steel angle bracket, making the equipment much more robust, durable and stable.

Technical Data

  • Ladder in solid wood with four steps, allowing different levels of strength and flexibility;
  • Adjustable sliding base for variation, allowing different distances between trunk and legs;
  • Upholstered in high density foam and waterproof courvin with anti-fungus treatment;


Mobility and stretching exercises are part of the repertoire of any Pilates Studio. With the Contemporary Ladder Barrel these exercises can be adapted and intensified. In addition, this equipment is very effective for postural treatments.


Contemporary Line

24 Months in the structural part of the Equipment (Wood and Stainless Steel).

06 Months on springs, plastic parts, ropes, handles, locks, carabiners and blocks.

03 Months in upholstery, foams, rubbers and courvin.



Length - 62cm/24.4"   Width - 62cm/24.4"   Height - 99cm/38.9"


Length - 1,10m/43.3"; Width - 80cm/31.5"; Height - 95cm/37.4"


Materials Included

01 Ladder

01 Barrel